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G2 – Exit Highway

By |2018-12-07T09:12:11+00:00October 27th, 2011|Car Driving, Drivers Training|

G2 - EXIT HIGHWAY PREPARATION COURSE United Drivers Training offers training for G2 licensed drivers to prepare you for your second level exit test (also known as a G2 test or G2-Exit test) in Ontario's graduated licensing system. The initial lesson is intended as an evaluation. Our instructors will fully prepare you for the G [...]

Upgrade Course

By |2011-10-27T13:56:09+00:00October 27th, 2011|Car Driving, Drivers Training|

UPGRADE COURSE This is a Ministry Approved special course designed for: ~ Drivers who have had their license suspended and require a Ministry of Transportation approved course to upgrade their skills. ~ Drivers who have a license and want to practice their defensive driving skills. The course consists of the following: ~ Risk Management ~ [...]

Air Brake Endorsement (Z)

By |2018-12-07T09:12:12+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

AIR BRAKE ENDORSEMENT COURSE (Z) It is mandatory for the operator of an Air Brake equipped vehicle to have an Air Brake “Z” endorsement on their license. To improve commercial driver licensing and road safety, the Ministry has made some changes in this program. Some of these changes include: a 12 hour Air Brake Course [...]

Log Book

By |2011-10-27T13:48:19+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

In the Log Book course, you will review the basics required by every commercial truck driver. This course is a step by step program designed to teach both novice and professional drivers how to complete a log book and the work regulations for Canada and the U.S. Once you complete your course, you will receive [...]

Dangerous Goods

By |2011-10-27T13:44:20+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

DANGEROUS GOODS COURSE In this course you will be taught laws and regulations which apply to the carriage of dangerous goods. In this 4-hour in-class training course you will learn different classes of dangerous goods, how they affect the commercial truck driver and the responsibilities of the driver when dangerous goods are on board. A [...]

Border Crossing

By |2011-10-27T13:21:47+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

BORDER CROSSING COURSE This course is designed for people who are working in a commercial transportation capacity. In this 4 hour course, you will have solid knowledge of how border crossing regulations apply to commercial truck driving. You will be learning customs documentation, U.S border regulations, and U.S. licensing regulations. Manuals will be provided by [...]


By |2011-10-27T13:16:38+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS IMPROVEMENT COURSE (DDC OR PDIC) This safety course is a must for today's truck drivers and as well as for bus transportation. As there are now so many vehicles on the roads, professional truck drivers need to know the techniques of defensive driving. This training will promote positive attitudes and teach drivers to [...]

Fork Lift

By |2011-10-27T13:14:16+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

FORK LIFT RE-CERTIFICATION COURSE Who Qualifies for the Re-Certification Course ? To qualify for the re-certification course, you must have a current fork lift certificate that is about to expire. You must submit a copy of your current Fork Lift Certificate at the time of registration. We need to have 2 passport size pictures of [...]

Air Break

By |2011-10-27T13:12:24+00:00October 27th, 2011|Drivers Training, Truck Driving|

Air Break Adjustment course begins with air brake basics, and takes the learner step by step, through the complete system found on today's modern trucks and trailers. All parts of the system will be discussed in the class in detail with special attention placed on the importance of brake adjustment and proper brake maintenance. The [...]