United Driver’s Training was established in 1989. Since then, this association has been growing every year. We firmly believe that a sound knowledge of driving is necessary for everyone. As we set the wheels in motion for you, it is important to us that we graduate students that are safe, confident and defensive driver’s to share our roads. All ages will benefit from these courses.


The mission of the United Driver’s Training School is to prepare students to become successful defensive driver’s. To provide an academic and a practical driving program to enhance the development of each student so that he or she may become a safe and successful driver’s. To provide a learning environment that will enable each student to reach his or her full potential and to develop a positive attitude and self-confidence in their driving abilities.

Our Team

We have hired and trained the best of special instructors to provide information regarding car driving , certification and various programs about professional truck training such as:

  • Air Break (Z) Endorsement
  • School Bus Driver Improvement Course (S.B.D.I.C)
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Log Book and Border Crossing and much more.
    For your convenience, we are open six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

We Deliver

It’s important to realize that each new driver’s has a different driving background and therefore acquires driving skills at a different rate, that’s why we teach you on an individual private basis. We customize training packages and design according to your demand and need.
To ensure continuity in your lessons and avoid conflicts with other engagements you and your instructor will schedule your lessons well ahead.