Air Brake Endorsement (Z)

For Air brakes Z endorsement licence

This is our signature course, We have an expertise in this field and operating under the name of United Drivers Training from last 30 years.

Who is required to do this course:

Who wants to learn to drive commercial vehicle as Buses, Trucks and tractor trailers equipped with air brake systems. May looking for licence C, B, D or AZ. But in many cases existing truck drivers at the time of renewal may also do this course and receive Air Brake “Z” endorsement certification and then endorse at any drive test location near to you.
Any existing driver at the time of renewal of any commercial licence or fail test at drive test office due to lack of knowledge or language barrier, or anyone who wants to join transportation industry or any official in safety branch or any investor wants to join industry.

What are pre-requisite to attend course:

Valid G licence from Ontario province.


Two (2) days or 12 hrs. full attendance, demonstration in the class on big size air brake board equipped with all functioning equipment’s, brakes adjustments for the push rod travel on the actual foundation brakes as will be tested in tests and real life in full on the working components in more accessible manners and also actual demonstration on tractor and trailer as a part of field training.
Written and practical test with evaluation.

Out come of course:

Large amount of knowledge of air brake system. Air Brake endorsement allow the holder to convert G licence to GZ licence. Now with new GZ licence will permits the holder to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes in the class of which the driver has learner’s licence.

In class:

Interactive: workshop with formal instructions, electronic components as TV, VCR, DVD and power point system on bigger screen and group discussions. Hand on training in class on components as brakes assembly, tractor and trailer functional board, glad hands connecting devices engage and disengage, service and spring brake assembly open cut out views, determine the brake chamber sizes and finding sizes and, learning the correct method of brake adjustment limits in the workshop type environments and much more. Also understanding out of adjustment criteria and penalties of non compliance.

In yard:

As a group learning how to do correct procedures of functional test for the air brake system and getting ready for practical test. And also, in mini group demonstrations in session of 2 or 3 students for maximum exposer to the topics with duly approved instructor by M.T.O. and certified by Ontario Safety League. Full knowledge to prepares for even actual road test.

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Total Hours 12 hours

After successfully comletion of this course , you will receive a certificate which is approved by MTO. You take that certificate to near your drive test and get endorsed & receive new drivers Licence GZ