Frequently Asked Questions

A new driver’s applying for the “G” class of licenses will be issued a” G1″ license once he or she has successfully completed the vision and knowledge test. Applicant must wait for a year, unless he or she has completed a Ministry approved Beginner’s Driver’s Education program, before he or she is eligible to attempt for a “G2″ road test. Upon successful completion of a G2 road test, applicant will be issued a” G2″ license. Applicant must wait for a year before he or she is eligible to attempt for a “G” road test. Upon successful completion of a “G” road test, applicant will be issued the full “G” licence. This “G” License is for 5 years.
At United Drivers Training, BDE Course consist of MTO-approved 40 hours of instruction • 30 hours of online self-paced course • 10 hours of in-car training with certified instructor • To book this course click here
At United Drivers Training you can start your course any time of the day at your own convenience time
At United Drivers Training, you have choice of completing your on line course & in car lesson side by side .
At United Drivers Training in car lessons are offered seven days a week. You have to just call in the office at
You can register by visiting our website: Register Here

You can book your road test. Click Here

You may start your on line course without getting your G1 at United Drivers Training, but you must have to have G1 before you begin your in car lesson with one of our instructor.
You must complete the entire program (on line and in-car training) within one year.
The certificates are processed on-line with in a minimum of 24 business hours once you have successfully completed a BDE course ( Total 40 hours )
Students wanting proof of driving school completion for possible insurance discounts need to validate their certification online from MTO at their local Service Ontario. After completing a driver license history (DHL), the student will receive their official certificate. The cost to apply for the DHL is $12.00. United Driver’s Training provides a for the student to fill out instead, and mail to the MTO with a cheque for their convenience.