School Bus Driver Improvement Course

School Bus ( SBDIC)

United Drivers Training is a Ministry of Transportation and Ontario Safety League approved School for Bus Driver Improvement Course Provider (SBDIC ).
The School Bus Driver Improvement Course is for anyone that wishes to obtain a “B” or “E” class license. So, anyone that wishes to operate a school bus, tourist bus, transit bus or any other similar classification of vehicle.
The SBDIC program at United Drivers Training is taught by an experienced instructor who has over 30 years of experience training some of the best bus operators. As a bus operator, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of potentially hundreds of individuals in a day. It is important you are fully trained and prepared for the specific hazards and driving conditions of being a bus operator.
This course is consist of 6.25hours . If you take this program, your already existing driving skills will be sharpened and enhanced, and you will learn to operate a bus and learn to think within the framework of a heavy bus operator.

You will learn:

After successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate
which can be used to upgrade your license.

Total hours 6:25
You will receive Certificate after completing your course