Air Brake Endorsement (z)

This course intended to provide information on laws regulations and correct procedures required to inspect the vehicle equipped with Air Brake System as used on trucks, tractors and buses.

It is mandatory for the driver’s of an air-brake equipped vehicle must have a “Z” endorsement on their licence.

Since March 2002, there is a big change in Air Brake Endorsement course. Now this 12 hour Air Brake Course includes theory as well as practical.

This course is presented under the recognized authority of the Ontario Safety League according to the guide lines of the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario.

Topics included:

  • Introduction & supply sub system
  • Service & spring brake sbu -system
  • Trailer brake sub -system
  • Foundation brakes
  • Demand on the brakes during OPE
  • Air brake complipance
  • Inspection the brakes
  • Inspection the brakes
  • Inspecting the brake adjustment

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Explain a through knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to operate the vehicle with Air Brake System.
  • To perform an effective pre-trip inspection to ensure proper brake system operation able to do function.
  • Inspecting defects in the air brake components.
  • Check the Brake Adjustments.

Format Classroom: Interactive workshop with formal instructions, video, discussion and hands on training on working brake assembly and other components in class & on actual vehicle.

Resources-Supplied: Driver’s manual.

Evaluation: Full attendance, class participation, written and practical test for successful completion.

Test Multiple Choice (Theory) – Practicle Training (on Tractor)

Certification: M.T.O. approved Certificate from ONTARIO SAFETY LEAGUE