G2-Exit Highway Preparation Course

United Driver’s Training offers training for G2 licensed driver’s to prepare you for your second level exit test (also known as a G2 test or G2-Exit test) in Ontario’s graduated licensing system.
The initial lesson is intended as an evaluation. Our instructors will fully prepare you for the G test. During the in-car session, the instructor will take you through a typical test, using the actual test sheet, and clearly show you the Ministry of Transportation level of performance in relation to the new G2 standards.

You can expect to be tested on:

  • How to properly use lanes
  • Proper observation skills
  • How to use your mirrors
  • Blind spot checks
  • Appropriate space management
  • How to make a left turn at a large intersection
  • Road side stopping
  • Freeway driving
  • Parallel parking
  • Proper lane changing procedure
  • Defensive driving throughout the test on public streets, roads and possibly highways