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Air Brake Endorsement (z)

This course intended to provide information on laws regulations and correct procedures required to inspect the vehicle equipped with Air Brake System as used on trucks, tractors and buses.
Since March 2002, there is a big change in Air Brake Endorsement course. Now this 12 hour Air Brake Course includes theory as well as practical.
This course is presented under the recognized authority of the Ontario Safety League according to the guide lines of the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario.

S.B.D.I.C (School Bus Driver Improvement Course)

This is a mandatory course for student who desired to have class B/E
S.B.D.I.C designed to sharpen a driver’s skill through a structured look at experiences and problem areas shared by all driver’s such as bad weather,winter roads,pressures of time and distance, etc.
This course focuses on driver’s’ expectations and analysis of dangerous situations. It assumes that the driver’s know what they are doing before they take the course. S.B.D.I.C is taught from a professional perspective.

Air Brake Adjustment

This course intended to provide information on a system that uses compressed air to engage a vehicle’s brakes.
The air brakes training generally takes place in small classes over the period of a weekend. Instructors demonstrate the use of air brakes on simulation equipment and prepare individuals to inspect the brakes and other brake related components.
Students also learn to make brake adjustments and how to recognize when an adjustment is necessary.